Nuclear Workers

EEOICPA Benefits and Medical Coverage 

EEOICPA Benefits and Medical Coverage

Professional Case Management is a home nursing-care company with a government-issued provider ID number for the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program. We specialize in caring for workers who suffer from illnesses they contracted while working in the nuclear weapons industry.

To learn more about the benefits you’ve earned, and to determine if you’re eligible for free in-home care, please complete this form.

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We provide free in-home nursing care to those eligible for this benefit under the EEOICPA program. Beneficiaries pay no deductibles or copayments. Skilled nursing care in the comfort of your own home comes with approved medical coverage under EEOICPA.

Our experienced nursing staff works closely with the patient’s primary care physician, the Department of Labor and the family to create a plan of care suited to his/her medical needs. This approach optimizes the patient’s level of health and keeps him/her living in the comfort of home.


  • Free skilled assessment of health status. Each time a nurse comes to your home, she or he will conduct a physical examination that includes taking your vital signs, listening to your heart and lungs, examining all of your physical systems and determining whether any of these observations differ from your normal health baseline.
  • Professional communication with physician or pharmacy. PCM nurses are registered nurses or licensed practical nurses.  Their contact with a physician or pharmacy could save you unnecessary travel to the doctor’s office or pharmacy for a routine change.
  • Assessment of ability to carry out daily activities. Many people with lung conditions associated with exposure to uranium cannot provide enough oxygen to their bloodstream. Insufficient blood oxygen can damage vital organs and impair mental and physical function, resulting in unsafe ambulation or activity. A skilled nurse can help your physician determine the correct level of oxygen administration to prevent these situations.
  • Ensuring medications provide benefits without undue side effects. A skilled nurse is trained to look for adverse drug reactions.
  • Pulmonary monitoring and early detection of acute lung illness. A skilled nurse is trained to listen to lung sounds and assess them for build-up of fluid. This monitoring can identify early onset of pneumonia and flu and facilitate prompt treatment.
  • Help with tasks of daily living. Including bathing, walking, and meal preparation.
  • Respite for family. Your family needs rest, too. A skilled nurse can provide the peace of mind that allows family members to take a break from constant care.
  • Many other items. Things your illness may prevent you from accomplishing, a nurse or caregiver can assist with these tasks.



  • The nuclear weapons worker must prove he/she is a current or former employee, contractor or subcontractor at an approved Department of Energy (DOE) or atomic weapons employer facility. View a list of DOE facilities.
  • The worker must also prove he/she suffers from an illness caused by exposure to radiation or toxins during DOE employment. Common illnesses consist of cancer, chronic beryllium disease or silicosis. Read further descriptions of qualifying conditions.

Claim forms and filing assistance can be obtained by contacting the Energy Resource Center in your area. Find a resource center near you. Once an EEOICPA claim has been completed successfully, the worker will be awarded $150,000 cash and payment of medical claims associated with the qualifying illness.


As a client of Professional Case Management, you join a team of experienced health care providers dedicated to providing the best in skilled nursing. We specialize in caring for those with chronic illness who worked in the nuclear weapons industry: uranium miners, millers and haulers.

We are the largest, oldest and most experienced home health agency providing these services to energy program beneficiaries. There is no other company like Professional Case Management. We have committed ample resources and dedication to this community of Cold War Patriots. Our outreach efforts have educated thousands of citizens about the medical benefits available to them under the EEOICPA as victims of radiation-induced illness.

We continue to promote changes in legislation and increase benefits under the RECA and EEOICPA programs. If you know of a loved one or friend who was a nuclear weapons worker and who could benefit from skilled, in-home nursing care, please contact us today.