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Share The Care Program

Going above and beyond for our patients… and our employees

Share The Care Timeline

Once you submit a worker for PCM’s Share The Care program, a series of events will follow. Although every case is different and results will vary, here’s a timeline on how our process works…

  1. You submit the info of a worker.
  2. 1-2 days later, PCM follows up with the worker.
  3. PCM confirms the worker has a U.S. Department of Labor white card, or we help them navigate through the claims filing process.
  4. If the worker is eligible and ready for care, we will refer them to our clinical operations leaders.
  5. Once the submitted worker begins receiving home care, you receive your $1,000* bonus!

The process can take weeks, or even years, however many caregivers like you have received their bonus… and you could be next.

*Remember to abide by all HIPAA guidelines and never discuss private client information. Workers must be previously unknown to PCM to be eligible.  All active PCM caregivers are eligible, as long as you’re in good standing with PCM at the time of the client staffing. The $1000 bonus is subject to income taxes.

Tips to Find Workers

Having trouble finding workers in your community? Try these tips.

Educate yourself on the Energy Employee Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA).
Spread your knowledge to family, friends, community or religious organizations, and other medical providers/professional contacts.
Ask your current PCM clients if they know former coworkers who might benefit from our services.

By discussing the care you provide, you may find other that may benefit from our services.


For further guidance regarding the program and outreach efforts in general, view our frequently asked questions for answers and clarification.

A: To fully qualify you must make contact with the family or individual and record the following details as a minimum; Name, Phone or Contact Information, Beneficiary Status (do they have the “white card”), and whether or not the family is interested in finding out more about PCM and home nursing.

If you are uncomfortable, then get as much information as you can and give it to your immediate supervisor for follow-up by our clinical outreach team. You will still qualify for any bonus that is generated.

There are no legal restrictions governing the solicitation of potential client referrals from existing employees. But, an individual’s privacy is of the utmost concern, and HIPPA regulations still apply. For instance, it is not permissible for you to divulge the name of any of our clients to a third party. Also, it is always best to have your source contact a potential client first and get permission for your further solicitation.

Your bonus payment will be considered your compensation.

You are expected to conduct any outreach efforts during your own time. While with your PCM client, you are in their home to provide skilled nursing care only. If you are asked about the Energy Program, or any of our services, you may, of course, discuss these during work if it does not interfere with patient care.

No, but you can ask them if they know of other beneficiaries who might need our nursing services. Telling clients about the bonus program could lead to unnecessary competition between nurses, and potential conflicting fiduciary demands.

In general you must be very conscious of the HIPPA and confidentially standards to which all providers must also adhere. Normal referrals from other providers come from their nurses, administration staff, or the discharge planners. It is always best to remember that when at another location you must follow their guidelines and procedures.

You remain the best source of information in your local area. You can always tell others about the “basics” of these topics, but generally it is best to refer them to someone in the office, or to your supervisor, for detailed information. While there continues to be a significant need for education, the programs are very complicated and usually require explanation from those who have been extensively trained. If you know of an organization or group that would like PCM to speak to them, we have presentations and a team always willing to provide that service.

Please contact the office or your supervisor to utilize material already created.

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